Dynamics GP - Jordan Jimenez

Safe Pay (Positive Pay)

SQL Table Structure

​I was working with a customer earlier today and I realized how difficult it was to find the database tables for Safe Pay in the FInancials Module of GP. They are not listed on very many GP or Blog sites and I was trying to troubleshoot whether or not the values were correct. 

I ran the Find Any Value in Database script and was able to find the tables. Here are the table names and my own friendly table descriptions:

​ME123501 - Bank File Header

ME123502 - File Checkbook Setup

ME123503 - Transaction History Header

ME123504 - Transaction History Detail

ME123505 - Setup ID Info

ME123515 - Output file configuration header

ME123516 - Output file configuration detail

ME123519 - Transaction Code Entry

I am not sure if the descriptions above are in line with Microsoft, but they are based on the troubleshooting that I did earlier today.